Who Told You That? February 2022

When is the last time that you took inventory on your values? Did you inherit your values from a family member? A friend? Do your values com from scripture, or, have you allowed other forces to cause you to take on a whole new value system, full of doubt, insecurity, and disbelief? Do you see God as the master of the universe (Isaiah 66:2), or have you placed limits on His power? 

We have to be careful believing that we can only have certain things in life, as if there’s a cap on the blessings that we can obtain. As we place limits on our abilities to be blessed by God, we are indirectly placing limits on what God can do. The Word tells us that there is nothing too hard for the Father (Jeremiah 32:27), so ask yourself this question, “Where are the limits coming from?”
"I will only get a promotion if I meet certain requirements" – Who told you that?

"I have to get married by the time I turn 30" – Who told you that?

"There is no way I can get a college degree because I can’t afford tuition" – Who told you that?

"I’m not a professional writer, so I can’t publish a book" – Who told you that?

"I’m over 50, so I am too old to go back to school" – Who told you that?

The list goes on and on…
Is there someone or something making you believe that you have already seen the best that life has to offer? It's so important to be in tune with the Lord‘s voice so that we can recognize the other voices that pretend to be Him for exactly what they are…imposters. The enemy is a lot of things, but no one can argue the fact that he is strategic in his attempts to conquer us. However, as children of God, we are not ignorant to his schemes. (2 Corinthians 2:11) The enemy wants us to overlook what Jesus taught us, and believe the lies that we pick up from him. (John 8:44) That’s why it’s so important that we know the truth for ourselves. Satan is constantly looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8), so it’s our job to make sure that he knows his ways have no place in our space.

As we pray for the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4), it’s vital that we give ourselves a faith-check. When our desires are in line with God’s will for our lives, we then must join our faith with His ability to do what we see as impossible. (Hebrews 11:6) Please don’t take this lightly; this is imperative. Actively praying for discernment is also important, as that will help us to determine if we are believing something that’s not true, or if we’re hearing the voice of God as He provides direction for our lives. Above all else, we must remember that God can do it all. Apart from Him we can accomplish nothing, but with him we can accomplish everything.

My question to you, is do you trust Him? Do you really truly trust Him? God is a trustworthy God! (Psalm 37:3) We shouldn’t have to wait until He surprises us with an unexpected blessing before we stand tall and bear witness to how wonderful He is, and how wonderful He has been in our lives. As our faith grows and our discernment gets stronger, it will be easier to distinguish between a lie and the truth. Don’t trust in things that are trying to deceive you. Don’t think you are limited to what the world is limited to. When Paul tells us that God can accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think, it’s the truth! (Ephesians 3:20) When the word says that God will finish the work that He started in us, it's the truth! (Philippians 1:6) When the Word tells us to trust in Him, knowing that He will provide and take care of us, it's the truth!

We serve a God who keeps His promises (Psalm 145:13) and that’s all we need to remember as we live our lives each day. God will come through and God will do what He said. So instead of living a life full of restrictions where God is concern, try taking the limits off. May God's favor on your life, lead you to grow in your faith as you trust Him like never before.

Be blessed!

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